For the first time,

our future is not in reach.

Art is in our nature;

nature is now our grief.



'We are forced to recognize our emotional duties as human beings.' 

Our supportive cast made it possible for our vision of Killian to come to life. Here is some information on the actors and the characters they portray.

Michael Madsen in Killian

Michael Madsen as Jacob

A man of nostalgia, so much so that he has trouble existing in the moment. The remorse of his past haunts him; his only comfort is found through his therapeutic ritual of refurbishing antique pinball machines. 

Michael Søren Madsen is an American actor, producer, director, writer, poet and photographer. He is perhaps best known for his collaborations with director Quentin Tarantino, appearing in Reservoir DogsKill Bill and The Hateful Eight. He has appeared in over 150 films and is also known for his roles in Thelma & Louise, Wyatt EarpFree WillyDonnie BrascoSpecies and Sin City.

Charlie Alberto IV as Killian

A tortured soul, curious about freedom and destined to find another way to live. Killian leaves his world behind in search of a new one, hurting the ones that love him the most.

Charlie Alberto IV is an American actor, director & writer. He is known for his works on Poolside (2014) and Sound of Her (2015)

Vanessa main 1.jpg

Eileen Weisinger as vanessa

A strong woman who becomes stronger as her trauma persists. Confused about her current purpose, she expresses herself sensually yet composed. She truly believes in the preservation of art & finds insight through a mysterious photographer, Daniel. 

Eileen Weisinger is an American actress and stunt performer. She is known for her work on Iron Man (2008), The Amazing Spider-Man 2(2014) and Gotham (2014).

Daniel Main.jpg

Pascal Yen-Pfister as daniel

A man separate from the family, who lives in perversive solitude, shuns away his current society. A classy conspirator who finds his heroic work consists of preserving the human form through the art of photography. 

Pascal Yen-Pfister is a French actor known for his work on Experimenter(2015), TURN: Washington's Spies (2014) and Sully (2016).

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 5.15.54 PM.png


Charlie Alberto IV

Founder of Viattis Production, Charlie has released various shorts, documentaries & music videos over the past decade in the business. Upon earning a B.A. in film production from Hofstra University & briefly studying at Stella Adler, Charlie landed himself a role in a friend's short film Poolside opposite Lana Del Rey as both lead actor and producer.

Charlie's most recent independent short film titled Sound of Her is currently doing it's rounds in the festival circuit having been officially selected in New Jersey State & Hoboken International Film Festivals 2016. Other noteworthy works include documentation of rapper Chris Webby's 2015 winter tour & BET online release of The Combat Jack's Show interview with Raekwon the Chef. 



Tim o'Hanlon 

Founder of The Tao Company, Tim, upon graduating with a double major in Film & psychology from University of Miami shot off to the Cannes Film Festival in France where his short film, No Outlet, was accepted into the Short Film Corner. 

Shortly after, Tim headed to NYC for the opportunity to work alongside producers Darren Goldberg & Chris Marsh of Atlantic Pictures. He continues to direct & produce short films, comedy sketches, TV pilots & of most recent, a play titled Dan Marmor is God.

Director of Photography

Director of Photography

Alan mcintyre smith

A New York based cinematographer, director & producer. His most recent feature film, All Mistakes Buried, received a 10-city theatrical release in January 2016, starring Sam Trammell (HBOs True Blood) & Vanessa Ferlito (Graceland).

Credited by the New York Times for his work in recent feature White Rabbit, winning Best Cinematography at Chelsea Film Festival in 2014, cited:

One of the director's factor's in his favor, working overtime at conveying a woozy beauty & thickly atmospheric photography. 

The film had a 2015 release and is currently available on Netflix.